Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to make matching bridesmaids dresses unique

Are you a bride that want your maids to have their own distinct look at your wedding? Well, here are five tailoring ideas to make matching bridemaids dresses look unique:

  1. Have extra trim from the dresses? Use them to make chic ruffle hems.
  2. If you've shortened the hemline (even just an inch), take the leftover fabric and use it to create straps.
  3. Got scraps? Make a whimsical and fun fabric flower brooch.
  4. If they're wearing strapless dresses, gathers in the front and center can form a flattering sweetheart neckline.
  5. Allow each maid to select a hem length that best suits her figure. For instance, tea length will look fabulous on your tall, slim friends, and above the knee hemlines look great on those with shorter figures.

From: The Knot Georgia

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