Thursday, July 8, 2010

5 things to do after you say 'I do'

1. Clean and put your gown away. Get your dress dry-cleaned within six months of your wedding (the sooner, the better). Be sure to use a service that focuses on wedding dresses so they use the appropriate solvents. Ensure they stuff it with acid-free tissue, stay away from using metal pins or buckles and place it in a box. When it's home, keep it in a cool, dry place.

2. Change your name. It's ideal to change all your IDs within 90 days of tieing the knot. Here's how:
Go to to find state forms to change your driver's license. Many states require you to bring your marriage license to the DMV as evidence of your new name.
Change your passport. Visit for more info. You'll have to mail in your current passport, a copy of your marriage certificate and possibly new passport photos.
Change your social security card. You can find out how at You might have to apply in person depending on where you live.
Call your credit card companies to get your name changed.

3. Send thank you notes. You should send thank-you notes within two months of your wedding. Set a goal (such as 10 per night), and write them during commercial breaks. Split the project with your hubby, and the job will be less overwhelming. Be sure that both of you sign your names on each card; another tip: print address and return address labels on your computer if you can.

4. Deal with registry returns. Go ahead and return any gifts within two months of your wedding. If you're registered with a particular store, they are likely to be lenient; keep in mind, however, that each store will have a different policy on when to make returns and what they'll take back.

5. Figure out finances. Talking about money isn't exactly fun, but hopefully you and your spouse have talked about your finances before getting hitched. Several married couples choose to combine their single accounts into one; bring this option up if you haven't already. All you have to do is visit the bank, fill out required paperwork, and obtain new debit cards and checks.

For more after wedding to-dos, check out our source: After the Wedding: Newlywed To-do List.

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