Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to handle a rainy wedding day

You've got everything ready for the big day, and everything is going smoothly. Then, oh no! It starts to rain! Of course, they say a rainy wedding day brings good luck, but who wants to deal with that kind of weather?

Here are some tips to help you have a fabulous wedding, even if it rains:

  • Having an outdoor ceremony? Be sure there is a tent set up and some umbrellas available for guests.
  • Have a trusted bridesmaid, friend or relative carry a "rainy day kit." Include bobby pins, hairspray, makeup and any other necessities that will help you refresh your look if you get rained on.
  • If the weather is really bad, think about getting dressed at the ceremony venue rather than at home or in your hotel room. It will be easier for you to maintain your look.
  • If you're taking your dress anywhere, be sure to use double plastic covers to protect it.
  • Wait until the absolute last minute to put on your shoes. You don't want them to get muddy. Another option: If you're having an outdoor ceremony, you could walk down the aisle in colorful, cute rain boots.
  • Contact your vendors, and be sure they are ready for potential rain.
  • Have a few ushers escort guests who might not have umbrellas. They will appreciate it.
  • If you're getting married at a country club or a similar venue, ask if you can use an indoor banquet room instead of a patio. If the weather doesn't look too good, some venues might be very willing to accommodate you.
  • Wear waterproof makeup.
  • Keep this French saying in mind: "Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux," a wet wedding means a happy marriage!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New ways to decorate your home this fall

Fall is here, and that means it might be time to do some redecorating at home. Here are some ideas to consider:
  • Trade your current accessories for rich, vibrant and trendy items. Sandra Espinet, an interior designer based in Los Cabos, Mexico and Los Angeles, CA, suggets getting rid of the summer white. Also, you can purchase inexpensive throw pillows or slipcovers for bigger furniture pieces; Espinet says slipcovers are excellent for changing with the seasons.
  • Paint the walls of your living room, dining room and kitchen a warm color that's inspiring and exciting. Use more than one shade to pull the look together. Additionally, using texture keeps more modern furniture from looking too harsh, and it adds depth to an area.
  • Place a hand-knit thick throw blanket over an oversized armchair. You could also use pillows and blankets in fleece, wool or flannel. A mix-matched look is 'in' now, and you'll create a great place for reading.
  • Using u-shaped setups divide large rooms and help you create cozy settings. Additionally, if you have a fireplace, place your furniture so it faces it.
  • Surround yourself with photos of the ones you love or images of places you want to visit one day. Fill your home with your favorite items, ones that you've made and/or collected throughout your life.
For more tips, check out our source, 10 Decorating Trends for Fall.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Questions You Should Ask Wedding Planners

Thinking about hiring a wedding planner? Here are a few questions you should be sure to ask:

1. Will the consultant commit to your budget and not push you towards things you can't afford?
2. Will the consultant create a master plan outlining all the little details, from the announcement to the leopard-print decor? This will give you an idea of her/his organizational skills and how willing she/he is to keep you in the loop on everything.
3. Can the consultant identify the best and most unique places in your area that fit your wedding size, style and budget?
4. Is the consultant familiar with the best photographers, florists, caterers, bands and DJs in your price range? Can he/she briefly describe the positives they bring to the table? (Ask yourself: Does your consultant seem to be both educated and passionate?)
5. Will the consultant be able to get you any discounts with vendors? Consultants bring volume to favored vendors; many times, the vendors will return the favor by lowering prices or throwing in some extras.
6. Will the consultant read over the vendor contracts for you? Does he/she know the common traps to look out for?

For seven more questions to ask, check out 13 Questions to Ask Wedding Planners. Looking for a wedding planner in the DMV area? Check out our website,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4 A's of Marriage

There are four A's that are suggested for all marriages: appreciation, apology, attention and affection. Read on to see how they can benefit your relationship:

Appreciation. Many times, spouses can become very focused on the negative behaviors of their partners, get caught up on things their spouses don't do or lose sight of what the other person is doing right. Appreciation means saying, "thank you" when your spouse does something kind or considerate. Additionally, it means stating your appreciation when your spouse does something you think they should have been doing for a while or something you think is just common courtesy. It could be something like your husband bringing your flowers or your wife letting you choose the radio station in the car. Appreciation is most effective when it's specific; for instance, "I really appreciate when you put your dirty clothes in the hamper." You can give your thanks face-to-face, on the phone, via text, email or note. It's important to remember to recognize, and comment on, the things your spouse does "right" as opposed to just focusing on, or complaining about, the things he/she does wrong."

Apologies. It seems simple to say you're sorry for something you did or said that was hurtful, but a lot of times, it's easier said than done. Your apologies have to be genuine. If you apologize for a specific behavior but keep engaging in the behavior constantly, your apology means nothing. Apologies are more effective when your partner feels you really understand you made a mistake and that you'll really do your best to not let something similar happen again. Additionally, when you're apologizing, say you're sorry, specify the behavior you are apologizing for and humbly state you know you were wrong and hope the other person will forgive you. It might also be useful to state that you know your words/actions were insensitive or upsetting so your partner realizes you are attempting to be in tune with how he/she is feeling.

Attention. Paying attentioon means being conscious and observant in your marriage. It means really "showing up," not just phoning in your participation or physically being there while being somewhere else mentally. It also means your spouse gets chunks of your time and energy during the day, such as noticing what he has on and being interested in her day. Additionally, paying attention also means looking at your spouse when he's talking to you, remember anniversaries, birthdays and other important dates. You should also make time to focus on your spouse and your relationship; you could go to dinner or just spend time really talking. Remember, paying attention to your spouse can't only happen during designated times; it also has to be done in small ways daily.

Affection. This means touch, not just sex. It means small acts of physical contact throughout the day like touching his shoulder or holding her hand in the car or just giving him a hug. It's essential that touch be given at other times besides in the bedroom; touch is a way of connecting with your spouse and doesn't have an ulterior motive. It's friendly, supportive and helps your partner feel close to you.

By using these four A's, you'll be lessening or even preventing many difficulties that come with marriage. The four A's make the good times more enjoyable and the difficult times easier to get through.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

10 Benefits of Meditation

Whether you're feeling frazzled from planning your wedding or just your everday life, meditation is an easy and free way to relieve stress. You can practice it anywhere, and you only need five minutes a day to do it. Here are 10 more benefits of meditating. Meditation:
  1. Helps with weight loss.
  2. Cures headaches and migraines.
  3. Helps with concentration and focus.
  4. Increases productivity.
  5. Helps cure insomnia and helps you fall asleep more quickly.
  6. Provides peace of mind and happiness.
  7. Helps you live in the moment.
  8. Lessens road rage.
  9. Decreases restless thinking.
  10. Increases productivity.
For 90 more tips, check out our source.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beat the Post Wedding Blues

Many couples spend at least a year in the spotlight as an engaged couple. For some people, it can be tough to go from planning a wedding and having all eyes on you to the married life. If you're experiencing post-wedding blues, here are five ways to get out of your funk:
  1. Gain perspective. Yes, your wedding was fun, but it was just one day; your marriage should last a lifetime. Truthfully, the day after your wedding is the really exciting day-- it's the start of your life together. You now have the opportunity to show your commitment and love to each other daily, create a family and home and dream big. Begin by talking about your next big goal; it could be putting away for a romantic weekend getaway or buying your first home. This will give you something else to focus on.
  2. Get cozy. You've probably done nothing but think about and plan a wedding for the last few months. And while it might have been, it was still work; planning a wedding can drain your energy and increase stress. Now that it's over, you probably have recaptured some precious time. With that said, it's okay to take a rest and do nothing for awhile--savor your newfound laziness.
  3. Go out. Sometimes, engaged couples tend to desert their friends and family leading up to the wedding because they're swamped with things to do. Make it up to them by having dinner, seeing a movie, going for a hike or taking a trip to the beach. Do something you enjoy and haven't had time to do in a while. Your friends and family will appreciate your company and boost your spirits.
  4. Have a party. If you really crave another celebration, set a date for a get together at your place. Sure, it'll be smaller than a wedding, but you can still make invitations, centerpieces, place settings and a menu. You can show off all the fabulous gifts you received and put them to good use. Invite those you wish you could have spent more one-on-one time with at the wedding. And be sure to have loads of fun!
  5. Take on a project. Many newlyweds feel nostalgic after their weddings, and that's okay. Feel free to embrace it by talking about your wedding, looking at the photos and watching the video. You could also tackle on a project that would honor your wedding in some way. For example, you can create a collage of your wedding photos or create a scrapbook. These activities will help keep your mind busy, give you the opportunity to think about the happy memories and leave you with a momento you can use whenever you want to put a smile on your face.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Winter Wedding Ideas

Planning a winter wedding? Here are five ideas you may not have considered:

  1. Colors. Think about using a less-is-more approach when it comes to your color palette. For instance, silver and white with crystal accents can add glamour to your winter wedding. Some ideas for the ceremony: Use a white velvet aisle runner trimmed with white satin ribbon or adorn the altar with a crystal curtain backdrop decorated with hanging strands of elegant white phalaenopsis orchids. If you're getting married oudoors, you can create the ambiece by handing out clear umbrellas to guests as they arrive.

  2. Flowers. Yes, red roses and calla lilies are obvious winter wedding flowers, but there are several other options for winter blooms. For example, think about white hydrangeas and soft ranunculses. Additionally, white boutonnieres can look great with a simple white ribbon, and you can add sparkle to your bouquet by wrapping the stems in ribbon and adorned with crystals.

  3. Invitations. Winter weddings are typically held indoors, and more formal invitations are often used. Use heavy cardstock and a navy blue, chocolate brown or eggplant font with hand calligraphy to convey a black-tie event. Want a fresh way to create a formal feel for your wedding? Use thick, frosted Plexiglas invitations in white scripted ink. Send them to your guests in silver envelope liners.

  4. Centerpieces. To increase the drama, bring the icy outdoors in with ice-carved vases on your reception tables. One idea: Fill vases with tall, winter-white branches and hanging crystals to reflect the light from the tables. Place votive candles around the centerpieces and top your tables with white dupioni table linens and frosted glass china.

  5. Escort cards. Make the entire table sparkle! Hand-calligraphy the cards in silver ink and connect them to invidual crystals with a ribbon. Hang each of them from a large crystal candelabra centerpiece for a fresh take on the common escort card tree.

For five more ideas, check out our source.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to talk about finances with your spouse

It can be really hard for couples to speak honestly about finances because many of them have big differences when it comes to money. Everybody has his/her own view, and everybody thinks the way they manage money is the correct way. Here's how to get on the same financial page as your spouse:
  • Plan to talk about it. This is one part of your lives that you and your spouse have to agree on. If not, there could be a financial disaster in your future.
  • Create a list of your individual financial priorities and compare them. For instance, you may feel that purchasing a great pair of shoes every season is important, but is it more important than saving money for a house? Talk about things like this with your spouse. Don't hold back, and don't keep secrets. If you have to have some gray area, settle on a number; for instance, "I get $150 a month to use however I want."
  • Concentrate on the similarities between both of your financial goals and outline how you can accomplish those things.
  • Use a financial planner. Utilizing a neutral third party can really even out the process. And you don't have to schedule appointments regularly; just spot check every once in a while, especially as your goals change.
  • Keep in mind that it's very common in marriage for one individual to manage all the money and the other to play a more passive role. As long as you both are comfortable with this, there's nothing wrong with it. However, you don't want one person taking control of everything while the other endures it in silence.

By keeping these tips in mind, you're sure to have a bright financial future!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

3 Creative Guestbook Ideas

Yes, you can go the traditional route and use an ivory leather-bound guestbook for your guests to sign. But there are some creative ways to have guests to sign their names. Not only will it get everyone talking, you're also more likely to have a momento you'll want to showcase after the wedding. Here are three creative ideas:

1. Purchase a canvas from your local art supply store, and supply paint brushes and different paint colors to your guests when they arrive at your reception. Have them sign the canvas, and get it framed so you can showcase the colorful momento at home.

2. Supply small, pretty pieces of paper or cardsock for guests to write notes on during the event. You can ask for messages of marital advice, memories from your wedding and thoughts on love. Place the notes in a pretty box or vase to display, and choose a few to read whenever you feel like it.

3. Create a Polaroid Album. It's pretty simple to make. All you have to do is buy or create an album or scrapbook with decorated pages, and get a Polaroid camera and photographer to take photos of your wedding guests as they get there. Have your guest book attendant glue the photos to the album pages, and let your guests sign on their page with a colorful pen.

For more ideas, see our source, Please Sign Here: Creative Guestbook Ideas

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