Thursday, September 2, 2010

3 Creative Guestbook Ideas

Yes, you can go the traditional route and use an ivory leather-bound guestbook for your guests to sign. But there are some creative ways to have guests to sign their names. Not only will it get everyone talking, you're also more likely to have a momento you'll want to showcase after the wedding. Here are three creative ideas:

1. Purchase a canvas from your local art supply store, and supply paint brushes and different paint colors to your guests when they arrive at your reception. Have them sign the canvas, and get it framed so you can showcase the colorful momento at home.

2. Supply small, pretty pieces of paper or cardsock for guests to write notes on during the event. You can ask for messages of marital advice, memories from your wedding and thoughts on love. Place the notes in a pretty box or vase to display, and choose a few to read whenever you feel like it.

3. Create a Polaroid Album. It's pretty simple to make. All you have to do is buy or create an album or scrapbook with decorated pages, and get a Polaroid camera and photographer to take photos of your wedding guests as they get there. Have your guest book attendant glue the photos to the album pages, and let your guests sign on their page with a colorful pen.

For more ideas, see our source, Please Sign Here: Creative Guestbook Ideas

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