Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 bridesmaids gown trends

If you haven't decided what to put your bridesmaids in yet, here are four trends they are sure to love!

Color-block gowns. Mod is in, and the two-tone dress style fits perfectly with this retro trend. If you select wisely, your ladies will absolutely love what the dual-color dresses do for their figures. For example, to create an illusion of slimmer hips and a toned tummy, have them wear lighter hues on top and darker colors on the bottom.

Flirty ruffles. While this is a traditionally girly feature, it can also look sophisticated and chic or soft and delicate. If you're having a black-tie or semiformal event, this may be the perfect opportunity for your maids to rock ruffles. They'll likely want to feel ladylike, and the ruffles will provide a feminine look and feel.

One-shoulder gowns. These dresses are both elegant and sexy. Also, your maids won't have to worry about donning a strapless bra-- instead, they can wear ones with multiple strap options.

Florals. Not only are patterns flirty and fun, they also conceal stains better than solids (so your girls can go ahead and enjoy the food and drinks). It might also be easier for them to actually wear the dress again since these gowns are a far cry from traditional bridesmaids dresses.
What do you think about these gowns for your bridesmaids?

From The Knot: Georiga

Photos from: weddingbee.com, jlmcouture.com, chrisonium.com

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