Thursday, July 26, 2012

What To Do When You Have The Post-Honeymoon Blues

After all the craziness and excitement of wedding prep, the big day and your honeymoon, you may be a little sad when everything is over. While it's perfectly normal to have the blues when the enthusiasm of being a bride-to-be has passed, it's important to remember that you have a lifetime with your honey to look forward to. Here are a few tips for maintaining that honeymoon high as you move to the next chapter of married life:

Celebrate a little milestone. More than likely, you won't celebrate every month you're married, but you can keep the momentum after your wedding by doing something simple on your first-month anniversary. It could be simply sharing a bottle of wine while watching your wedding video, flipping through your wedding photos or reading through your guest book.
Save a little fun for after the honeymoon. Wait until you get back from your honeymoon to open your wedding gifts. That way, you'll have something to look forward to other than getting back to work.
Have some girl time. After months of bride-centered activities, it's now time to switch the focus from you to your girls. Once the wedding frenzy is done, spend some quality time with them and catch up on what you may have missed in their lives. Grabbing some coffee, visiting the beach or going shopping will put you in a better mood in no time.
Make your house a home. The best way to get out of a funk? Start working on a project. Whether you and your hubby are moving in together for the first time or just finding somewhere for your gifts, most likely, you'll have to do some work at your house after the wedding. So, dedicate a weekend to home-work with your hubby; the experience will not only strengthen your bond, but the sense of accomplishment when you're done will get you excited about moving forward.
Catch up on missed hobbies. Since you won't be knee deep in bridal magazines and busy planning your wedding, you can spend your free time doing what you love. Restart your favorite hobbies by taking an art class, getting more active or tackling the books you've put aside.

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