Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ways to Give Your Wedding Personality

Celebrity Wedding Planner Mindy Weiss
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These days, planning a wedding can be very overwhelming with all the resources you could ever want available at your fingertips. But while you're getting all those ideas from everywhere, you may be leaving out the most important aspect of your big day: making it about you and your partner. To avoid this, here are some tips from Mindy Weiss, celebrity wedding planner:

When merging your two personalities into the wedding, ask yourself this: What is something about the two of us that people will recognize as soon as they walk into the room? What would make them say, "Oh, this is definitely ___ and ___'s wedding"?

More ideas:

  • Think of any meaningful locations from your relationship, like where you got engaged.
  • Take some time and effort to write your own vows; you won't regret including that personal touch in your ceremony.
  • A simple idea: Incorporate you and your partner's favorite colors into the wedding. 
  • Include the hobbies or sports you enjoy in the theme.
  • Choose a decade you both feel connected to, and  take your guests back in time with you.
  • Get inspired from other brides, asking them how they personalized their weddings. Also, take mental notes while attending others' weddings.

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