Tuesday, July 24, 2012

3 Tips for Finding Your Wedding Reading

Finding the right wedding reading is important because it helps set the tone, whether it's romantic, emotional, light-hearted or reflective. The right reading can be perfect in completing your already special day; so, you need to set some time aside to find a reading that mean something to you.

How to Decide
The best advice: Decide based on what hits your gut first and what draws you in. Next, be sure it's something that's not so vague that no one understands it. Additionally, you don't want it to be too shocking. You want the focus to be on you when you leave the room, not people whispering to each other about how sexy the poetry was. 

Who should read
Your wedding reading is a great way to involve your bridesmaids in the wedding ceremony. Or, you might be able to include that friend who didn't have time to be a bridesmaid or who live far away and couldn't commit to your schedule. Be sure that whoever you choose is comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

Start your search
You should definitely consider involving your groom in the choosing process. You can find a couple of readings at our source. Other poems to consider: Love Of My Life by Mr. Dvyne, My Soul Mate by Jessica Ammons and I Wrote A Good Omelet by Nikki Giovanni.

Happy searching! : ) 

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