Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Choosing Thank You Gifts for Your Parents

More than likely, your parents have played a huge role in making your wedding day amazing. They raised you into the beautiful bride-to-be you are and have been by your side through the stress of planning, giving their input and maybe even funding the affair. Your parents -- and your fiance's parents -- deserve a great, big thank you. Here's how to choose the right gift:

Set a budget
Of course, you know by now that weddings are expensive. It's important that you include gift giving in your wedding budget. There are no particular rules when it comes to a specific amount to spend on a gift, but it's best to spend the same amount on both sets of parents and to choose gifts that are somewhat similar. Additionally, some couples give their parents a gift both mom and dad can use, while others select two separate gifts for each of them.

Giving your parents a thank you gift they can enjoy together can be very meaningful, and it can also allow you to spend a little more on each gift. A few things to consider include: 
  • Travel. Possible gift ideas are cruise tickets, hotel reservations for a weekend or a romantic retreat to a local resort.
  • A night out. Your parents deserve a night after the wedding, so consider getting them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, tickets to a show or a night of pampering, complete with a limo ride.
  • Gift baskets. Gourmet food collections, wine baskets or personalized his and her gift sets are a great way say "thanks" and can fit virtually any budget. 
  • Something personal. Oftentimes, creative gifts hold the most meaning. Think about making a personalized video or slide show for each set of parents, presenting them with a family photo calendar or framing your favorite wedding photos. Something else to consider: digital photo frames with a personal message. Those are huge hits with parents. 

If you decide to get the parents their own separate gifts, here are some ideas:
For Dad

  • Personalized cufflinks for the big day
  • Gift certificate to his favorite store
  • Wine and cheese assortment
  • Personalized golf accessories (or any other sport he may play)
  • Pens, interesting paperweights, monogrammed money clips or key chains

For Mom

  • Spa certificates
  • Jewelry for the wedding day
  • Candles, bath soaps and fragrances in a nice gift basket
  • Personalized photo albums, frames or a jewelry box
  • Charm bracelet or necklace with a family theme

Ultimately, think about your parents' interests, and you'll be sure to choose the perfect thank you gift they will love and remember for years to come.

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