Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Wedding Planning Tips for a Meaningful and Loving Celebration!

Are you interested in a meaningful wedding celebration? You have been to beautiful weddings, expensive celebrations and wild wedding receptions. But, what makes a wedding memorable; the perfect wedding planning checklist, unique wedding invitations, an outrageous theme wedding?

Family Involvement
If you and your beloved have family members who are ecstatic about your engagement and insistent on being involved in the wedding planning process, then you should allow them to be. This is the perfect opportunity to be very communicative and hand out very specific tasks, such as locating sites to purchase wedding invitations, help set up a personal wedding website as well as general help with wedding ideas. Involving your loved ones in this way will set a loving tone.

Meeting Everyone's Needs
Think through who is on your guest list and make thoughtful preparations for them. If you have elderly people attending your wedding, then make sure you have comfortable seating, shade if they will be outdoors and hydration if it is warm. A great tip, found on many wedding websites, is that if you have children attending, you will want to prepare for them as well. Some wedding venues will help with a low table, crayons, snacks and cups with lids to help make the little ones at home. Your guests are sure to feel cared for.

A Meaningful Wedding Service
One of the greatest wedding tips you will receive is that you must picture yourself walking through your wedding day. Think through your service and decide on the mood you want to create. For example, consider filling the church with hundreds of white candles and twinkly lights to set a mood of romance. If you desire a memorable service, then you may want to write your own vows, exchange heirloom rings and have someone you love sing a beautiful ballad as you light your unity candle.

A Loving Reception
During the busyness of wedding planning, you don't want to lose sight of all those you love and those who have contributed to your life. You may want to prepare a slide show of all the family and friends along the way who have helped make the two of you who you are. Dedicate the show to your loved ones and show it at the reception. It is sure to bring tears of joy to all

Delicious And Simple
As you use your wedding planning tools to create a reception, remember to keep it simple. Choose heavy appetizers, fresh seasonal salads and great breads, paired with the perfect wines. A rich wedding cake and thoughtful wedding favors with a personal message from the two of you will top off a loving wedding celebration everyone will remember!

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