Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Get Bloggers to Attend and Cover Your Event

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Thinking about inviting bloggers to your next event? Here are five things you must keep in mind:

1. Do not send a press release or media alert without sending an invitation to the event. It's rude to ask bloggers to write about an event that they aren't invited to. It may be appropriate, however, to send a press release with no invitation if the blogger isn't in the same city and is unable to travel. However, because most bloggers know their peers will likely receive the same information, they might be even less inclined to write about events they are not invited to -- bloggers are always looking for fresh and original content, and they can't create that by rewording your press release.

Also, many bloggers (like journalists) would rather receive a customized pitch instead of a press release. But, if the release or media alert is well-written and has answers to potential questions, send it. Just be sure to include a personalized note that explains why your brand or event is relevant to that particular blogger's audience.

2. What's in it for me? Blogging is business. And although "pay for play" is frowned upon (and could even be illegal), most bloggers want to know how attending your event and blogging about your company will benefit them or their readers. For example,
Will you have gift bags at your event? (if they're good, the contents could be featured in another blog post in addition to the event recap).
Will you be giving them product so they can host a giveaway or contest for readers?
Are you paying an appearance fee? (Yes, some bloggers have agents now).
Are you going to advertise on their site?
There may not be any obvious benefit for a blogger to attend your event, but it's important that you make everything clear up front.

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