Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moving in Together: 4 Tips for Newlyweds

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Many couples make the decision to move in together after they're married. And while moving in together, for any couple, is a serious step, there's something very significant about newlyweds beginning a life together. Yes, it's exciting but can also be a little scary. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Talk about money in advance. Discussing and determining who's paying for what before signing a lease or contributing to a down payment will save you several potential headaches in the future.
  2. Be ready for adjustments. After you're living together, certain aspects of your relationship will naturally change. Now, whether they are good or bad changes depends on your attitude toward them; with that said, stay positive. 
  3. Determine both of your expectations when it comes to cleanliness. Are they different? If so, figure out a compromise the two of you can live with.
  4. More than likely, you and your new spouse don't have the same style when it comes to household decor. So, instead of arguing over every single piece of furniture, just determine a completely new style that works for you both.

For four more tips, check out our source, 8 Tips For Newlyweds Moving In Together.

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