Thursday, February 16, 2012

Simple Ways to Prevent Wedding Insanity

Let's face it: Wedding planning is a lot of work. And with all the responsibilities and choices you have to make, you can see how some brides and grooms get consumed in the little details. So, how can you regain focus on what matters? By taking a step back from the planning process. Check out these tips that will help you restore your sanity:

Proclaim a wedding-free weekend. For a whole 48 hour time-period, act like you're the two people you were before getting engaged (and while you're at it, remind yourselves of why you actually wanted to get married to each other initially). Also, there can be no wedding planning and no fighting. Just hang out, have some fun, laugh and flirt.

Have a night out with friends. With all the togetherness that comes with being future bide and groom, you need to remind yourselves that you're individuals. So, head out for a night of fun with your respective same-sex crew (with no wedding talk). Take advantage of your future spouse not being around by doing things he or she doesn't like to do, like watching chick flicks, getting a manicure or hitting the arcade. Then the next day, entertain each other with stories of what happened.

Go on a fancy date. More than likely, you've been saving every extra nickel for 'The Budget.' If you've been doing well so far, treat yourselves by spending a little cash. Reserve a table at the fanciest restaurant in town, and go all out. Later, head out to a jazz club or lounge.

Go for a drive. Choose a weekend afternoon, and "head for the open road." A few ideas: Visit that spot a few towns over that you've been meaning to go to; play road games like, Who Can Spot the Most Out-of-State License Plates"; buy a souvenir at a highway truck stop.

For four more tips, check out Stress: 8 Easy Ways to Prevent Wedding Insanity.

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