Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nontraditional Baby Shower Ideas

Gone are the days when baby showers meant little sandwiches and awkward small talk. These days, baby showers range from "backyard barbecues" to "wedding-scale blowouts." According to Tina La Morte, owner of Oh So Fabulous! Divine Wedding, "People are starting to get a lot more snazzy."

If you're planning a shower for a friend or relative, don't be afraid to take it up a notch in terms of breaking some traditions. Here are few trends to consider:

Gifts for the mama. Nowadays, people are giving mothers-to-be baskets of goodies, massages and even bottles of champagne. Yes, the baby still comes first, but grownup treats are always appreciated, particularly at a time when mom may be feeling pretty uncomfortable. To pamper both mom and baby, think about giving a shareable treat.

Daddies on board. Yes, you read that correctly. Some women are cool with daddy-to-be and his buddies joining the celebration. If you decide to have a co-ed baby shower, be sure the guys have something to bond over, like beer, food or video games.

Kids at the party. Children are also joining in. But, there are some downsides to this: Kids can steal some of the focus. But, if you choose to include them, you definitely want to make sure you have fun distractions for them and places to play.

Cocktails. While mommy-to-be can't have alchol, that doesn't necessarily mean the shower should be dry. Many showers now include fun adult drinks -- and you can bring along mocktails for the guest of honor.

Sprinkles. Baby showers aren't just about the first-born anymore. Second-, third-, etc. borns are getting more recognition, with thanks to the "sprinkle" (meaning sprinkling of gifts instead of a full-on shower). Although second-time mothers are generally well set up with the things they need, there's still a reason to celebrate. At a sprinkle, the new baby is celebrated with a get-together that includes small gifts like books, wipes or diapers.

Fun favors and themes. Showers are also taking on a whole different look. Forget about the average pink and blue; hot colors "include bold yellows and cool combos like blue/brown, paisley/pink and periwinkle/cream. Favors are receiving makeovers as well, with edible treats being a real favorite.

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