Thursday, June 17, 2010

What you should have on your wedding website

A wedding website is a great way to let your guests know all the details of your wedding. Here are some ways to make sure your site is fabulous:

* Put all the details of your wedding-- the what, when and where. Also, include maps and directions to the wedding and reception sites. This will answer many of the questions your guests might have.

* For your out-of-town guests, use the website to make their travel arrangements simpler by including hotel, rental car information and maps and by suggesting restaurants and fun activities.

* Share your love story and how you met. Not only will this appeal to guests, it will also make your wedding more personal for them.

* Include info about your attendants. Provide their names and tell how you know them; this will be interesting for your guests as well.

* Place a link to your wedding registries.

* Don't ramble. Sharing a little personal information is good and interesting; sharing your life story is not a good idea.

* Stay away from copyrighted info and pictures.

Source: What to put on your wedding website

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