Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 ways to cut wedding costs

As you know, weddings cost lots and lots of money. Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs. Here are 10 ways to do so:
  1. Lengthen you engagement. If you have longer to plan, you'll have a better chance of acquiring the best vendors in your price rage. Additionally, you can usually lock in rates that might increase by your wedding date.
  2. Reduce the number of wedding attendants. By having less people in your wedding party, you can save hundreds on bouquets, boutonnieres and gifts.
  3. Choose a multi-purpose venue. If you use one site for both the ceremony and reception, you'll save on the site, and you won't have to pay for transportation.
  4. Have a brunch or lunch bash. That way, you'll save on food (breakfast and lunch entrees are less expensive), the bar (daytime tabs are generally much smaller) and you might even save on the fee for the space.
  5. Trim the ceremony decor. Your guests will see the flowers for just an hour or so, so stick with the basics. Think about placing one or two large arrangements in the front (where everyone will be looking) and decorating the rest simply.
  6. Check out some sample sales. A couple of times a year, a lot of bridal salons sell samples of dresses they carry at a significant discount. You could land a bargain (first, find out what dry cleaning and alterations may cost so you can consider that before buying).
  7. Ask about hidden fees. Before you commit to a venue, ask about all the little costs-- for instance, some sites will charge to cut your cake or uncork your champagne. You can save money by totaling the extra costs and factoring this into your choice about the venue.
  8. Go minimalist. Opt for carrying a few dramatic flowers like sunflowers or calla lilies instead of a big bouquet. You'll get a chic look for a lower price.
  9. Choose a site that's well-dressed. Some of a venue's affordability is based on how much decorating is needed. For example, a grand historic estate might just need minimal flowers for decor, so ultimately, the venue might cost less than a bare reception hall.
  10. Get a little help from your friends. To free up money for other parts of your wedding, have your more crafty friends make welcome baskets or ask you aunt with the neat handwriting to address your invitations.

For more tips, visit our source: Save Big Without Skimping.

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