Thursday, June 24, 2010

Creating a candy buffet table

Having a candy table at your reception can be a fun addition or act as playful and interactive favors.

When it comes to the presentation:
Use a color scheme that matches your wedding palette. By taking advantage of the colors you've already established, you can enhance the table's presence, and pull together the whole reception.
Create depth and height in your display. You can form a beautiful landscape on the table with simple boxes or even phone books. Wrap the boxes in decorative paper or leave them bare and place matching linens on them for a polished, free-flowing cascade.
Use the centerpieces to your advantage. Whatever your centerpiece are, using a couple of extras ones will tie into the rest of the reception and bring life and freshness to your candy table.
Don't be afraid to use trimmings. Details such as good quality linens, ribbons and paper can add nice touches to your display. At the same time, remember less is more: Too many space fillers can clutter your table and cause sensory overload.
Consider the table. Where will it be located? Will you include a nice backdrop or have a wall behind it for pictures? Will the table be round or square? Will people be able to access it from all sides? Ask yourself these questions before selecting a set-up design.

For tips on the candy, containers and supplies, visit our source: Candy Buffet Table 101.

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