Thursday, October 4, 2012

4 Simple Tips for Planning Your High School Reunion

In charge of planning your high school reunion? Here are four simple steps to take to make the reunion a success while impressing your former classmates (from

  1. Begin early. Bear in mind that some of your previous classmates may have to travel, so it's good to give as much advance notice as you can. So, begin the planning process 12-16 months in advance.
  2. Create a reunion committee. Planning the reunion by yourself will be overwhelming. Reconnect with a few of your classmates and get comfortable with assigning some of the tasks to others.
  3. Make a list and a timeline. List the tasks that are associated with the reunion planning and the timeframe they need to be done in. (Reunion Announcements can help if you're not sure what these things are).
  4. Create an Eventbrite page. Check out tips on this from our source

Have you ever planned a high school reunion? What tips do you have?

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