Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes

  • No personality. You don't necessarily need a theme wedding, but you don't have to do what everyone else does or allow your planner to do all the work. This is one of the most important days of your life, so it needs to reflect you and your fiance's lives.
  • Blowing money. While there is a ton of good wedding planning advice out there, you'll also see advice from individuals who will profit from it. With that said, make sure you're not spending where you don't need to, whether it's being talked into having more flowers or a more expensive dress. Know your budget, and know what's important to you and what's not.
  • Being inconsiderate. Yes, it's your wedding and your big day. However, you should also take other people into consideration as well. Really consider what you are asking people to do; for example, is what you're asking the wedding party to do fair? Will your guests be comfortable in the weather? Do they know what to expect?
  • Losing perspective. Stay focused on what's truly important to you. Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed with all the small details that you don't spend appropriate time on what's important. And if something goes wrong, take some deep breaths and envision the big picture. Most of all -- maintain your sense of humor! 

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