Tuesday, October 23, 2012

4 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Event

Planning an outdoor event? Here are some tips to help you minimize stress:

  1. Get a permit. You'll want to do this as soon as you've finalized where and when you'll have the event. The fastest way to get your event shut down is to hold it without a permit.
  2. Check out all ordinances. Every town has noise ordinances; many times, noise is prohibited after a certain time. Also, look into fire and safety codes, which may have limits on overselling tickets, seating and advertisement. Speak with the state and local authorities, the local fire department and the police about these.
  3. Power. Food stations, DJ/music and other areas that need lights will need power stations. If there aren't enough, have your vendors bring extension cords, and check the power load per plug. Additionally, have a back-up power system to fall back on.
  4. Be sure the guests are comfortable. Have enough drinking water and fountains, and make sure they are spread aound the venue. You can also consider renting portable air conditioners (if your event is during the summer). 

For even more tips, check out our source 16 Tips to Plan a Successful Outdoor Event.

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