Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wedding Mistakes Bridesmaids Should Avoid

It's an honor to stand by your friend's side at her wedding, and with that recognition comes a variety of responsibilities. However, when it comes to wedding dos and don'ts, the boundaries aren't always clear. So, if you're going to be a bridesmaid soon, here are a few common blunders to avoid so you can keep your integrity and be sure your friend feels supported on her special day:

  1. Comment on every detail. Making a decision can become difficult after some time, but that doesn't mean the bride needs your input on all of the wedding specifics. If she asks for your opinion, then give it to her while being honest. At times, however, she may just need a listening ear. With that said, know when to throw your two cents in and when to just act as a sounding board for ideas.
  2. Bend over backwards. While being a bridesmaid certainly calls for a few necessary responsibilities, that doesn't mean you're the bride's servant until her big day. Offer to help out when you can, but don't be scared to say no, whether it's for financial or other reasons. Going overboard will drain you, and you don't want to feel resentful toward your friend during this special time.
  3. Be picky over the details. Don't like the shoes she chose? Wish your dress was another shade? Being the bride means your friend gets to call the shots. Feel free to speak your mind if it's a pricing issue or if she asks about what you prefer; otherwise, just grin and bear it, and keep your choices in mind for your own big day.

For five more mistakes to avoid, check out our source, 8 Mistakes Every Bridesmaid Should Avoid.

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