Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Ways for Event Planners to Use Twitter

Are you an event planner? If so, here are a few ways you can use Twitter more effectively:

  1. Create a list of people you think are influential in the industry. Doing this will give you a real-time feed of what those in the industry are up to. Additionally, if you use a tool like Hootsuite (or something similar), you can create a specific feed for a hashtag (a couple of good examples, #eventprofs, #eventtable). Not only can this help inspire ideas, it can also keep conversation flowing.
  2. Use lots of @s and RT's (retweets). People will unfollow you if you're not active on Twitter. So, be sure to keep your page lively by being involved in conversations; don't just tweet out your own content. When you retweet other event industry professional's content, people will begin to see you as more of an expert. And that makes your page a place someone goes to for ideas and/or information. 
  3. Ask questions. Ask your followers for their opinions of events, blog post ideas, etc. People love to feel like they're included in something. 
  4. Share any content you create on Twitter. Make sure you keep your content flowing. Everything you post -- articles, blog posts, videos, etc. -- should also be shared on Twitter.
  5. Update often, and keep it relevant. Being consistent and posting often will increase your number of followers and activity. And be sure that about 90 percent of your posts pertain to your expertise.

For four more tips, check out our source, 9 Easy Ways to use Twitter for Event Planners.

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