Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 Simple and Quick Tips for Improving Your Relationship

Want an instant love boost? Sometimes, all you need is the obvious for your relationship to feel fresh and new once again:

  1. Make small, unexpected gestures. Many times, the best validation that you're loved and appreciated is when you experience an act that shows your partner is always thinking about you. Of course, planning a romantic date night takes thought and is always appreciated; but, buying your spouse a sweet treat just because you happened to pass a bakery and know he/she would love it really makes an impact. The feeling of "for-no-real-reason" makes the gesture mean a lot.
  2. Let your spouse breathe. Why? Because you'll be more excited to see one another. Yes, having a person to come home to is a big plus of being married. However, sometimes, it's nice to walk into an empty home, and take a bubble bath or just chill out in front of the TV without having to talk. Whatever space your spouse needs, give it to him/her, guilt-free; you could make dinner plans with friends or conveniently come home late from work one evening. Just a little distance makes the heart grow fonder.
  3. Write it down. While it may seem sappy or cliche to let your mate know how much he/she means to you, expressing your feelings (even when you assume they're known) is important in long-term relationships. Otherwise, you risk getting into "taking each other for granted" syndrome. You don't have to pen a 10-page love letter (or a really long email); an "I love you" written on your dry-erase board or leaving a "Have a fantastic day!" post-it note on the bathroom mirror is all it takes to let your significant other know you cared enough to take some time to write it down.

For the final two tips, check out our source.

How do you keep the romance in your relationship and/or marriage going?

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