Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tips on getting media attention for your next nonprofit event

Getting media coverage for your event is definitely something you want. But, how do you get it? Here are some tips to help:

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1. Determine what media outlets are in your area: newspapers, radio and television stations, blogs and/or websites. Also, note two things: 1) Who has covered your issue and how and how related community events have been covered; 2) How most of the people in your community get their information.

2. Start a press list. Obtain phone numbers and email addresses (if possible) for relevant reporters, and place them in a well-organized spreadsheet. Do you have organizations sponsoring the event? If so, they may have press lists you can build on. Additionally, don't be scared to call the news desk and find out who covers events in your city; make sure to include the calendar editors as well. Finally, revise your list often.

3. Know what messages you're trying to spread. In other words, why should a reporter write about your event? Learn important lines for sound bites, and develop a case (in your mind) for your event's newsworthiness. Picture yourself trying to persuade a reporter to cover your event.

Get the rest of the tips at (our source) How to Get Media Attention for Your Event.

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