Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3 Ways To Promote Your Event On Twitter

By Daphne Bousquet

If you want to market your seminar with social media, Twitter is a valuable resource for creating buzz, raising your event's profile and yes, even getting some butts in the seats. Here are 3 tips for marketing your workshop or seminar on Twitter:

1. Tweet Your Way To More Attendees
Create at least 10 different tweets with a link to your event registration page. Schedule your tweets so you have about 5 throughout the day. Twitter moves fast, and when people follow hundreds of thousands of people, they will not see every tweet.

But be careful, you don't want your entire tweet stream to be about your event. You still need to give out tips, retweet other people and interact with people. 

Share some other resources in between, like articles and blog posts. If it is all about you and your event, you will turn people off because it becomes spammy. And that is a no no. Nobody likes spam.

Enlist some of your friends to help you promote your Tweets to their followers or retweet your tweets. You reach even more people, and since it doesn't come from you, it's not spam. Your event becomes a valuable resource that someone else wants to share with his followers.

2. Use A Hashtag
Create a hashtag for your event. If you are not familiar with what a hashtag is, it is the pound or number sign (#). You follow that with an abbreviation of the name of your workshop. Hashtags can't be too long because on Twitter, you only have 120 characters. Space is of the essence, so keep it short.

You add the tag to all the tweets about your event so that you can search for them easily and they can stand out among your followers. Then when other people start using it and the hashtag shows up everywhere, it becomes like a party, and people do not want to be left out.

3. Create Community With A Twitter List
Create a Twitter list of everyone who signs up for your event. That is a great way of getting people to interact with each other before they even get to your seminar. Your potential attendees see who else is registered, and that becomes a selling tool in itself.

What you do is create the list in Twitter or in Hootsuite because you can use that to create Twitter lists as well. Every time you have a new registration, you add them to your Twitter list. Then you make sure you publicize your list.

You can send emails to the people who have registered, encouraging them to follow everyone on your Twitter list so they can start networking before the event. You can even tweet about your list and encourage your followers to see who is coming to the workshop. Tell them to be there, too; you'll be able to network with all these great people.

In addition, you are fostering a community around your workshop. And people always want to belong to a community.

If you want more strategies on how to market your seminar on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube, check out "How to Market a Seminar on Social Media," a step-by-step program designed to get the most out of your social media time.

Daphne Bousquet, CMP uses her 20+ years of event planning experience to create profitable event strategies and implementation for coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and self-employed professionals that want to grow their businesses with workshops and seminars. She is the creator of the How to Get the Butts In The Seats Of Your Next Workshop Or Seminar System, a unique digital course that teaches you how to fill your events with your ideal audience. Visit her online at EventStrategySolutions.com

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