Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tips for planning your honeymoon

Budgeting & Brainstorming. Don't get in debt trying to finance your honeymoon. Determine how much money you have (or what you can save), and use that as your guideline. After you do that, you can begin talking about where to go. Try to predict what you and your spouse's state of mind will be after the wedding. Yes, all couples are thrilled, but some feel physically and emotionally exhausted after experiencing this life-changing event. Keep in mind that you'll want to make time to enjoy each other on your honeymoon.

Research. One Saturday, visit the bookstore, peruse travel books and magazines, and jot down names of places that seem interesting. Also, Surf the web, and get tons of info on places to stay and things to do. Several countries and states have official websites, and many times you can request maps and brochures. However, you shouldn't anticipate deciding where you'll go overnight; take a few weeks, and have fun thinking about it.
When you've narrowed your search, begin checking prices and determining transportation availability and accommodations for each trip. To do this, you can continue your search online, begin making calls, or utilize a travel agent. The good thing about a travel agent is that he or she can deal with the details of the trip: booking flights, lodging and any needed ground transportation.

Confirming your plans. When you're ready to reserve plane tickets, hotel rooms, a car and other necessities, think about making reservations for activities like going to a theater or museum or even scuba diving. If you plan to stay in a hotel or resort, contact the location a couple of months before you get there and ask if there is a concierge.

For more tips, check out our source, Planning Your Honeymoon.

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