Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beauty rules all brides should follow

Here are some beauty commandments from TheKnot.com to be sure you look "ridiculously good" on your big day:
  1. I will not over-accessorize. Select one memorable piece (like a birdcage veil or heirloom earrings) instead of piling it on. Work simple accessories around it for a balanced look. And remember, your veil, bouquet and the embellishment of your gown are accessories as well.
  2. I will play up my best features. You are aware of your best feature, so maximize it! If you have glowing skin, accentuate it with light-reflecting lotion. Open up your beautiful eyes with a few, loose false lashes. Another tip from The Knot: Even if you never wear makeup in real life, think of your wedding day as an exception. A little of bit of mascara, blush and gloss goes a long way in making your features pop in your photos.
  3. I will wear metals that match. The accessories you decide to wear should depend on your wedding dress hue. So if you're wearing a bright white gown, don't wear gold (which could clash); wear platinum and/or pearl. For a diamond (slightly off-white) gown, gold and silver works best. And if you're wearing an ivory wedding dress, try gold and warmer metals. One exception: Don't get rid of your engagment ring if it doesn't match.
  4. I won't slouch at the ceremony altar. All eyes will be on you at the wedding ceremony so be sure to pull your shoulders back and stand up straight. You want to make sure you look beautiful and confident, not uncomfortable.
  5. I will not crash diet. Yes, you may shed a couple of pounds in the weeks before the wedding because of all you have to do and jitters, but think of that as a bonus. Don't try to lose any more than that at the last minute. Crash dieting will wear you out; no number on the scale is worth not being able to handle wedding day demands and enjoying the excitement.
For five more tips, check out our source.

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