Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4 diet "I don'ts"

Before their big day, many brides want to shed a couple of pounds or lose a few inches, and some will do it by any means necessary. However, that's not such a good idea. Here are four things you should not do when it comes to losing weight for your wedding (or any other time for that matter):

  1. Don't skip meals. Skipping one meal frequently leads to overeating at the next one. Instead, eat four to five times per day: maybe three meals and two snacks. Try to include foods that are rich in protein and fiber (such as an apple or a handful of nuts) every time you eat to keep your hunger under control.
  2. Don't dramatically cut calories. If you don't get enough calories, you could lose energy, and you don't need that to happen. Trim calories by taking fewer bites at meals, eating a whole-wheat English muffin instead of a bagel or using only one slice of cheese on a sandwich instead of two.
  3. Don't over exercise. You can really burn out if you overdo it at the gym. Instead, pump up your regular work out routine a few months before your big day.
  4. Don't avoid carbs. Your body needs them for energy so be sure to include them in sensible portions daily. Select whole grains like oats and whole wheat bread. Additionally, be sure to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

From Bridal Guide Magazine, written by Susan Schneider

Photo from: madbrewlabs.com

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