Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wedding Traditions to Consider Borrowing

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Are you a bride-to-be who's bored with the typical American wedding traditions? Well, why not make your "something borrowed" a wedding custom from another culture? All countries have their own twist to matrimony; here are a few to consider trying for your own big day:

1. In Hindu ceremonies in Southern India, the blissful couple takes seven steps together to indicate their friendship, which is considered the cornerstone of the marriage.

2. The custom of jumping over a broom represents sweeping away the past and beginning a new home. The tradition began during slavery, when African-Americans weren't allowed to marry and sealed their love with a leap. These days, brooms are often made by hand as keepsakes.

3. In France, the bride and groom drink a wedding toast from a two-handed goblet known as a coupe de marriage, and it's often engraved and handed down from generation to generation.

4. In Venezuelan weddings, the honeymoon begins right away. And it's not unusual for the newlyweds to slip away from the reception to get the private party started.

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