Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What You Should Know About Escort Cards

  1. Escort cards are sometimes confused with place cards; they designate guests' table assignments. Place cards tell guests exactly where to sit.
  2. They are sometimes referred to as "table-assignment cards" or "seating cards." Whichever term you use is fine.
  3. Place escort cards in alphabetical order according to guests' last names. Put them near the entrance to the cocktail-hour location (not by the door) or in the middle of the venue, so guests can come from all sides.
  4. One escort card will work for a couple since they'll sit at the same table. Otherwise, write out a card for each guest.
  5. Use titles like "Mr. John Doe" or "Dr. Jane Doe" at formal weddings. If the wedding is casual, use first and last names only like "John Doe."
Source: Brides magazine, June 2010; Photo Credit

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