Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Don't want a traditional wedding cake? You don't have to. Here are a few wedding cake alternatives:

Having a dessert bar is an awesome way for your guests to get a taste of some sweet treats. Want something less traditional? Consider having a tray of bite-sized treats passed around rather than a buffet. This is more formal and allows guests to feel as if they're being pampered. A few ideas: bite-sized cupcakes, bite-sized ice cream sandwiches and donut holes. Also, think about providing more decadent treats like mini creme brulee in finger-sized dishes with petit spoons.

If you're having a heavy meal, and the cake is your central focus, let your cake be a gift that guests can take away. Give each guest a small, empty baked-goods box, and place a tag on it with an explanation (that guests can take extra cake home).

One other idea is to place baked goods at the valet. You can make this poplar trend more creative by using carnival treats like a cotton candy machine or a kettle corn stand.

Any of these ideas are a sweet way to thank your guests!

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