Thursday, May 20, 2010

Questions to ask before tying the knot

According to an article by J.J. Austin on African American Brides Blog, you should ask yourself 10 questions to be sure you're ready for happily ever after:

  • Do you have any issues with his family or does he have any with yours? You might be very much in love with your future husband, but issues with his family (or vice versa) can mean trouble later on. Settling any issues before the big day is important for the long-term health of your marriage.
  • Have you talked and do you agree on the handling of your family finances? Money is the number one reason marriages end in divorce; you need to devise a plan so your finances will be handled, and stick to it. You'll have peace of mind know that the financial plan is taken care of.
For the rest of the tips, see Do You Have a Marriage-Ready Checklist?

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