Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy

As you probably know, your guests just want to have a great time at your wedding. However, you'll need to do more than throw a great party to keep them really happy. Here are a few tips to be sure your guests have an awesome time from your engagement announcement until the end of your wedding:

  1. Don't choose a bad date. You could choose Super Bowl Sunday as your wedding date. But if you do, don't be surprised if some of the groomsmen seem a little distracted throughout the ceremony. Your guests will be much happier if you stay away from big holidays or national events where people may already have plans. Additionally, check your community calendar to be sure you're not competing with major events such as a city festival or parade.
  2. Create -- and maintain-- your wedding website. Just like your registry, you should set up your website early. Include the information from your invitations and anything extra such as things to do, hotel info, registry info, what to pack (if you're having a destination wedding) and even details about your bridal party. Once you have everything set up, the main thing is to keep it updated.
  3. Start your ceremony on time. And write the real time on the invitation. Believe that your guests will arrive on time to your wedding and that you don't need to write 3:30 PM on the invitation when you're planning to begin at 4 PM. Yes, there may be stragglers but sticking with your time frame will keep the guests who are on time happy.
  4. Don't ask them to spend money at the wedding. Whether it's paying for parking or having a cash bar, asking guests to spend is a big don't. All ceremony and reception costs should be taken care of. If the bar is too pricey, cut back by not offering liquor or hosting the wedding earlier in the day (when guests are likely to drink less).
  5. Place them with people they know. Your wedding is not the time for you to be a matchmaker. Place your guests with their friends so they can converse freely the entire time. And if you must hook some folks up, introduce them to each other right after the wedding.

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