Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 Ways to Promote your Offline Event on the Web

Events like meetings, conferences and parties may not be or start online, but they can surely benefit from online mention and promotion with smart social media marketing. Here are four ways to maximize your event's exposure with online tools.

  1. Blog. Blog about your event before, during and after it. Doing so beforehand can let others know about your event and encourage them to learn more or register to attend. By live blogging throughout your event, you can create enthusiasm and buzz for people who weren't able to attend (also, provide a snippet of what they missed; this will encourage them to be on the lookout for the next event). Finally, blogging after can sum up the event while giving info on ones coming up.
  2. Post event pics on Flickr. Everybody loves to see pictures of themselves (as long as they look good). Posting your event photos on Flicker and tagging them with individuals' names can create interest from those who attended and the people who follow them on different social media outlets.
  3. Put the event on Facebook. You can post pictures and tag them on Facebook as well. An additional benefit of posting on Facebook is when you tag someone, it shows up on their wall; and anyone who's a friend of a person you tag can see the photo. The idea? This will lead to other people wanting to learn more about the event and attend. Keep in mind that you'll only be able to tag people you're connected to. 
Additionally, if your business or event has a Facebook page, you can include highlights from the event such as activities, keynotes or awards. And for even more interaction, visit the profiles of attendees and leave individual comments.

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