Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wedding Budget Do's and Don'ts

Whatever your wedding budget is, there are certain things you should and shouldn't do. Read on for tips on saving money the right way:
Do hire a caterer who'll allow you to supply your own alcoholic beverages.
Don't have a cash bar.
Do cut your guest list in a sensible way.
Don't "accidentally" forget to invite your annoying cousin.
Do negotiate with your vendors.
Don't demand discounts from vendors.
Do book a photographer for her time minimum to shoot the ceremony and family shots. Also, ask friends to take party photos.
Don't ask your 17-year-old niece to be in charge of photographs.
Do connect an iPod to speakers. Create fabulous playlists, rent a good sound system, and bring an extra iPod.
Don't hire your brother's garage band to get the party going.
Do avoid unncessary details such as elaborate favors and napkin rings.
Don't hold back on food and drinks. Hungry and thirsty guests aren't happy ones.

Source- Brides Magazine, January 2011; Photo Credit

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