Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wedding Bouquet Styles

The main factor in selecting the style of your bridal bouquet is your wedding gown style and that of your bridesmaids.
It's essential to go for bouquet flowers that balance and complement the gowns as opposed to taking away from or overwhelming them. The size is important as well, and it shouldn't lessen or overpower the bride's or the attendants' appearance.

Here are four common bouquet styles to choose from:
Arm bouquet. This arrangemet of long-stemmed flowers is one that you cradle in your arm like you would a baby. It can be full and sweeping with several kinds of florals, or the bouquet can be minimal and classic with just one or two kinds of flowers. It's most frequently seen being given to pageant winners.
Cascade. This is also known as a teardrop bouquet, and it's a long, sweeping flow of flowers "water falling" from the middle of the bouquet. It's very dramatic and is still a favorite among brides; this bouquet is often made up of several varieties of flowers.
Nosegay. Also referred to as a posey, this arrangement is small, round and compact and has one or two kinds of blooms. They are usually wrapped tightly and tied with a ribbon and are frequently used for bridesmaids and flower girls. Additionally, it often has more greenery and ribbons than a traditional round arrangement.
Single Stem: This is most often made with a large, dramatic flower and is liberally wrapped with ribbon. Great flowers for this bouquet include hydrangea, calla lilies, birds of paradise and peonies.

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