Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tips for throwing an office party

Thinking about putting together an office party for your workplace? Check out the tips below to make sure a fabulous time is had by all:

Get assistance. One way to do this is create a committee with the more social staff members. They will be able to give you some ideas, and by allowing them to be a part of the process, you can basically ensure there will be less complaining about the party plans. Additionally, ask for ideas from your employees by gathering answers on a brief questionnaire or set up a suggestion box.
Leave the office. Have the party at another location so everyone can get away from the office and the work-vibe. If you don't want to have it at a restaurant or hotel, try something different like an art gallery, museum or even a country inn.
Bring in the noise. Music is always good, so if you can, hire a DJ or live band. If you can't afford either, be sure to bring an iPod or a CD player. You can have employees bring their favorite CDs and have someone be responsible for regularly changing the albums to make sure a variety of music is played.
Guests. If you have the party in the afternoon, it makes sense to have an employee-only event. If it's an evening affair, however, letting employees bring a guest helps them keep the peace in their homes.
Be responsible. For the most part, you should provide festive and tasty non-alcoholic beverages. In certain situations, you could be held liable if an employee causes an accident while driving intoxicated after your party. Your options: Limit alcohol consumption, give employees rides home or establish a designated car pool.

Do you have any tips for throwing an office party? Please share below : ) (And if you need assistance in planning your office party, please don't hesitate to contact us: anointedaffairs@gmail.com).

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