Thursday, October 21, 2010

4 Tips for Hiring Your Wedding Videographer

Choosing a videographer for your wedding might seem difficult, but here are four tips to help:

1. Ask your photographer for a referral. He or she is probably familiar with several video shooters and knows who does good work and works well with others. There might even be a videographer associated with his or her studio.

2. Speak with couples who have worked with him or her recently. One question to ask: Was the videographer professional and discreet, or was he/she in everybody's face? Edward Neary of Milestone Video Production says "it's best if he stays invisible to the bride, groom and other guests."

3. Ask for a sample or two. It's better to see a completed video from a single wedding as opposed to a highlight video that's a combination of multiple weddings.

4. Make sure the videographer will blend in. She may need a tripod on occasion, but if she says "wheeled cart" or "dolly," run in the opposite direction.

Source: Brides Magazine, November 2010; Photo Credit


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