Thursday, February 14, 2013

4 Ways to Get Guests Involved in Your Bridal Shower

All brides love seeing their bridal shower theme come together, from the cake to the menu to the decor and gifts. However, what she might really like are sentimental treats from guests she can cherish for years to come:

1) Recipes: Many brides have received family-recipes from their relatives and friends at their bridal showers. In the past, bridesmaids have placed blank recipe cards or colored 3"x 5" index cards in the invitation for guests to fill out with their signature recipe. And considering that we live in a digital age of e-mail and online communication, this is still a special momento. You can also point guests to resources such as and similar sites that will let them print out 3x5", 4x6" or full-page recipes with the click of a mouse. You can also try a new twist on asking for recipes: Ask for a great story about the recipe. For example, maybe the bride's grandmother can share her red velvet cake recipe along with a note saying it was the first dessert she made for her husband; those personal touches make each recipe even more of a treasure.

2) Wishes: Shower guests can write their wishes for the bride and groom on colorful index cards. And for an added sweet sentiment, the cards can be read aloud in place of a shower game. Additionally, you can tie the cards together with a ribbon or hang them from a wishing tree for the couple to cherish for many years.

3) Marriage Advice: Give your guests fill-in cards, and have them share their wisest advice for a happy marriage or fulfilling relationship. This can also be read out loud and presented to the bride; if you have several guests, you can choose a few that stand out and read those.

4) Wishing Well Items: The "wishing well" has been a part of bridal shower tradition for quite some time; in the past, guests would bring household items such as toothpicks and kitchen sponges as a way to fill the bride's home with things she could possibly need. Some shower hosts rent portable wishing wells, others borrow a friend's, or you can use a little red wagon or a recycling container that can become part of the couple's household supplies. 

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