Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Plan a Successful Boudoir Shoot

Have you decided to do a boudoir photo session for yourself or your fiance? Here are a few tips to have the best experience you can:

  • Gather as many photo inspirations as you can. Some good places to look include photographer's websites, wedding boards, men's magazines (like Maxim) and websites such as Email them to your photographer so he or she can work with you in recreating the shots you love.
  • Find a photographer you feel comfortable with. Many times, brides will feel more comfortable with a female photographer. Meet with potential photographers prior to booking them to be sure the one you choose has a good personality and seems fun and engaging. Also, ask to see boudoir shots they've previously done (if they have them) so you can see if his/her style suits you.
  • Email around if you live in a place that doesn't offer many boudoir photography options. Contact photographers who don't advertise boudoir services; a lot of times, they'll offer less expensive options for just as good of a product. You might even be fortunate to come across a photographer who's just starting out with boudoir photography who may be willing to do your shoot for free if you allow him or her to use your photos in their portfolio.
  • Bring lots of outfits. And don't forget to bring accessories, stockings, shoes and props. Bring more than you think you'll need. It's better to have too many items than to wish you had brought something you left at home.

For more tips, check out our source, 10 Tips for a Successful Boudoir Shoot.

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