Tuesday, May 1, 2012

8 Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds

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One way to keep the spice and romance alive after you're married is to continue dating your spouse. Since you may be tired of going out to dinner every week, here are a few other ideas to try:

  1. Head to the grocery store, and pick up some ingredients for an amazing meal. Return home, and cook together.
  2. Perform a duet at a karaoke bar. Even if you can't sing, it'll be fun. 
  3. Visit the zoo or museum. Check out the exhibits and chat about what you see and learn. 
  4. Fill a picnic basket with some goodies like wine, bread, cheese and fruit. Head to the park, and share your feast. Bring along your picnic blanket, too.
  5. Pretend that you're tourists in your own town. Visit one of the major sites, take pictures, and act like it's the first time you've seen the place.
  6. Watch the sun rise or set from a beautiful place. 
  7. Volunteer together, whether it's visiting a nursing home, organizing a fundraiser for a nonprofit or working at an animal shelter. Not only will you be spending time with each other, but you'll be making a difference as well.
  8. Take a ride on a hot air balloon.

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