Saturday, April 24, 2010

Creative ways to announce your engagement

So, you just got engaged? Congratulations!
Now that you've taken that big step, you might be wondering how to let everyone know. Here are five creative and fun ways to share your big news with all your loved ones:

Show them with pictures. Take a favorite photo of you two or schedule an engagement photo session and turn the shots into postcards on an online photo service like Pre-print your engagement announcement, then all you have to do is mail them to spread your wonderful news!

Send a video ecard. You're probably feeling goofy-happy about your engagement, so why not share that feeling with everyone in a funny way? On, you can make a personalized engagement announcement that will get big laughs. Pick a theme (ballroom, beach or barnyard) with music to match, and upload your favorite photos of each other. Your smiling heads will be connected to kooky dancing bodies as you star in a musical production guaranteed to get a laugh. And the best part? It gets to everyone's inbox with a simple click of a button. (See how to make it here).

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